Volunteer EQ Programs and Who currently is our Volunteers?

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Volunteer EQ Programs and Who currently is our Volunteers?

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 6:32 pm

Throughout the years, SoE EQ/Daybreak has had game volunteers sit on a committee to help better the game. This program has undergone many changes and names and adjustments over the years - so this is a listing (from oldest to newest) and who has participated during those times. This list will also include the names of the volunteers in case you have questions.

<2008: Summits and Community Correspondent Program
In the early years of EverQuest, SoE held a couple of Summits, bringing together either active guild leaders, active players with ties to some of the fan sites and a few other selected players and they would be at SoE offices to discuss game issues. In addition, there was a Community Correspondent Program, usually comprised of one person per class whose job it was to help the flow of infomation (from devs -> players, and from players -> devs).

To help improve communication between the players and the Developers, the community representatives set up a class correspondent system. The correspondent was a volunteer from the community picked from those who volunteered by SOE. The role of a correspondent was to help gather information that developers and other folk at SOE may miss in the flood of information posted daily. The correspondents were the extra eyes and bring posts SOE personal have missed to their attention. They may highlight topics they feel the community should comment on, and SOE may also rely on them to start posts to gather information and to bring posts regarding bugs to their attention.

The Correspondents were volunteers, and they were allowed to post and express their own opinions as well as the opinions they had gathered from the community. Since the system was implemented, clerics have had 3 correspondents.
  • Hurk was the first correspondent choson for the program for any class.
  • Niphreedil was the second correspondent.
  • Lluianae was the final Cleric Correspondent.
This program was canceled early in 2008, and effectively replaced by the Community Leaders Program

2008-2010: Community Leaders Program
In early 2008, the old Community Correspondent program, and the old Community Leader program (made up primarily of people who were invited to SoE Summits) were phased out and replaced with a new Community Leader program. Similar to the old programs, this program was designed to provide channels for players to exchange information with the Dev's. Members of the program were selected by SOE. Members are expected to communicate regularly with the Development and Community teams at SOE, passing along issues with the game, and other ideas to improve game play.

Multiple representatives will be selected for each class and major area of game play (ie Tradeskills, PVP, etc....) Unlike the old Correspondent program, the leaders will (officially) have direct access to the developers. To give the developers more freedom to discuss possible changes to the game, all players in the program have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. (Though they are free to talk about public information).

On SOE's Everquest Live Message Boards, Community Leaders have a purple name.

Clerics in these Roles Included:
  • Saroc (Luclin server)
  • Lluianae (Antonius Bayle server)
  • Chanus (do not recall server)
  • Crystilla (Erollisi Marr server)

2010-Present: EQ Round Table Members
Though some adjustments to the program and its purpose (including the company changing from SoE to Daybreak Games Company), the EQ RoundTable was created. This new program is not fully class specific, although there are still aspects that players can utilize of the program for their/other classes (it's just no longer required).

Clerics Currently in this Role Include:
  • Saroc (Luclin server)
  • Lluianae (Antonius Bayle server) ... retired
  • Crystilla (Erollisi Marr server)
  • Mykaylla (Xegony server)

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