Your highest Solo Kill was on a ....?

Have general comments on our hunting techniques/tactics, solo or otherwise? Here's the place to share.
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Your highest Solo Kill was on a ....?

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 3:34 pm

Here's the place to brag about your highest solo kill and share what tactics you used (clickies, DS's, AA's, etc.).

For perspective, we're copying some of the information from the original post and there are some responses dated back from 2004 :)
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04-05-2004, 01:40 PM #1
Your biggest solo kill?

I like to solo as a cleric and I like to try hard mobs and places to see what I can handle.

So far these are my highest targets:
-A needlescale basilisk at plane of earth zone in (trap).
-Guardian Wurms in Skyfire and Veeshan's peek

I have also tried to solo Radir Fireshower in Umbral's plane two days ago.. I went into his caves and started to invis up and lull my way in, when I finally got to his room I ended up pulling him + an add, I managed to damage him to 35% hps and I had 38% mana with the add parked when roamers respawned, so I beleive a good tactic to beat them would be to da train him all the way back to zone in (Maiden's Eye zone) or root it somewhere along the wall, and rezone to clear agro and get him solo, I'm sure I can solo him if he's alone, with the gear I have anyways.

Another nice fight I had was with a bard, we duo'd Gorenaire together with me tanking, it makes me wonder if I could do it alone but I never got to see her up again ;(

here's my gear/aas:

So this being said, what have you guys accomplished solo?

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04-05-2004, 01:52 PM #2
Corii Se'Lune
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Corii Se'Lune

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I soloed a named crab guy in Natimbi, Vini-something, and I got a +20 mana aug, I was jazzed. W00t go cleric melee!

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04-10-2004, 01:33 AM #4

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Lol, I killed one of the light blue mobs in pofire, quite easily. Decided I with the right prep and tactics I could do a dark blue. Wrong.

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05-08-2004, 10:35 AM #5


i quitted now but in 2003 with my cleric = 4500 hps 5600 mana 1340ac 360aas FT 13 cleric . EP focus / 59 ds total on me / powater mace and 1050 ATK.

old world :
Swirling red mass (ft3 boots) plus somes others nameds in CT.
All nameds in Guk / SolB.

Kurnak :
Sebilis : all nameds cept Trakanon area (but iam not sure its impossible to solo him. perhaps you can first permapacify the fungus where trakanon bans you and just wait him to summon you back)
Chardok : all nameds but queen and king (never tried those 2, was pulling Prince with eye of zoom)
Chardok B : all lvl 63 nameds. all nameds but the boss and the quest golem.
outdoor : goronaire, seve and talendor. guardian wurm too.
KC : Drusilla and somes others nameds. i think they are all easy even if the zone was revamped arround 2004 with new loots. Druzilla is still easy.
i wasnt VP keyed.

Velious :
A lot of lvl 55-60 nameds in WW. all depends if you know where to pull them to avoid adds.
Wuoshi in WL
Queen Raltaas in DN
Never tried to solo Velketor's nameds but i think we can kill all but boss.

Luclin its possible to solo all shards for VT neck . never tried (no time) to solo in luclin cept somes trash mobs.

i soloed Seargent Terrick Burns in povalor 600 hitter tripple, undead.

Crypt of NAdox : all lvl 55-60 nameds . i tried Nadox but i wiped when he was 70hps. iam sure a cleric with 5500 hps and superior focus can do it.

Well we have a lot of mobs to solo. when cleric gona touch lvl 70 with new extension we are going to be the best soloer for not sloable mobs like Vindicator


11-07-2004, 01:39 AM #9


My best

Old School- Terror in PoFear
Kunark- Gore, Sev, Talendor
Velious- Wuoshi, Most of the WW dragons, Stronghorn, Tantor
Luclin- Spirit of Radir, Tawro, Zelnithak, Rhag 1, Commanders 1 / 2
PoP- A mob at the PT tables in Fire, Terror Matriarch in Nightmare, Rattican in Disease

Those are my biggest accomplishments while soloing, have 2boxed several tougher mobs though.


01-23-2005, 06:45 PM #11


Gorge and Guardian Wurms

Gonna try and solo Trak or Zlandi next

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06-03-2005, 03:54 PM #22


Kunark dragons a while ago - more recently I was bored and tried Gryme in PoD (keymaster for Grummus section of the castle). Was a fun fight, which basically consisted of me pulling with MoB, casting Ward on myself every 3:30 and alternating between CH myself (good stun resist and mounted, so not too many interrupts) and desolating Gryme. I think that Ward/MoB/MoR did the vast majority of the damage, though.

Also soloed all the fabled guys in lguk (while working on faction for the reet crown quest).


06-05-2005, 10:26 AM #23

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I haven't played at all in a year and 4 months, and before that it was July 2003 when I last played full I haven't solo'd very big stuff However, I have solo'd Deep in Lake Rathe..this was while I was camping my druids epic piece from there. I was boxxing the druid using EQW, so I didn't switch over to use him for anything..just stunned alot, and melee'd with the lvl 60 hammer. Also had pet up

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01-17-2006, 03:12 AM #31


Myral, fond memories when he'd proc da at 5%!

It's been a while since I had tried anything after Vindi, but a while back I was talking with Orruar of Triality on Maelin. He mentioned to me how a guildy had been working against Shadowhunter in WoS and had gotten him to ~40% but would run out of mana, and said to me "SH would be an ultimate solo achievement", and said I should have a go. So I did

First time I wore it down to 43%, he cast his FD AE and I didn't resist, I stood up and he despawned . Second time I did manage to beat the evil Feran- he had been running amok slaying several groups, which I rezzed and warned that I would eventually be pulling him, so that they could be careful and avoid the tentacle AE. The SpinStun was deadly and gave him so many chances to do serious damage, buffing up MR to near 600 managed to make it mostly resistable at least. FD after FD and 2 DI's later, I stood up and continued to wear him down, eventually to see the message "You have slain Shadowhunter!" All the groups cheered and were amazed, it was kinda cool being a hero for the day lol. He may not have the most HPs of mobs I have killed before, only ~90k, but he was one of the if not the hardest of mobs I have done yet, I never thought I could say that I have soloed a 2.4k quadder unslowed!


01-18-2006, 01:39 AM #36


Will warn, this is a long ish post.

First and foremost, you'll need to get him single and keep him single for the duration of the fight (with his regen, the fight will take a while. His 2 pets have a respawn of 30 minutes, and should they respawn as you are fighting him, they will appear to beat up on you eventually).

If youre insistant on getting him alone, I recommend the following (this only works if no one has aggroed vindi before hand, and his guards are not attached yet):

Sneak past him as he walks towards the temple, jump to the western side over the bridge's edge, and hug the western wall. As vindi walks past towards the Ice wall south, walk north towards the temple. You can now enter the temple and slay his guards at their spawn point, either both together (so that their respawns will both be around the same moment, and so that when near death, neither will run until one falls), or one at a time (whilst being faced with one running, breaking root, running again, and so forth ). The guards do not hit particularly hard compared to Derakor, at the most 200s, so if you wish to conserve mana before engaging, use a lower elixir against their lower damage output (I prefer holy for these, but even that is a tad overpowered for them. Have yet to experiment how supernal does against 2 however). Kill them at a steady pace, there is no need to rush, youre only on the 30 minute timer when they are dead.

Should the guards already be attatched, you have 2 options:
1) With gate memmed and bind spot at a kael zone line, tank vindi and the 2 guards altogether, use a lot of mana up tanking them and kill the 2 guards, gate and zone. Med up and return, then wait for the guards to respawn and to do the above. Or
2) Get someone to help split and kill the adds for you, but if you want it to be a solo kill, make sure you pull vindi and that they lose aggro via fd or fade / zone. That way, rampage will not obtain additional reverse mark DS damage from your friend, effectively making it a 'duo' effort, even though the damage is minor from them.

For vindi himself... I find it difficult to picture the minimum suitable gear, especially after the post-cap return change, as Im unsure just how potent ac at lower levels compared to what I had then can really be.

But for him, I recommend, purely because of his push and melee stun rate, the elixir method. I see you are familiar with it as you recommended its use 6 posts above. My only disagreement would be the use of Pious Light, as I feel that would be too much of a sponge, but on looking at your spell list, you do not have Holy Light- my light of choice. You have Pious elixir, and I recommend that as your primary elixir as Vindi is harsh dps, and will be most beneficial. If you obtain Holy Light any time soon, I would recommend casting it at approximately 40%-50%, as with a 45% heal focus you would get enough benefit from it to do a significant chunk of HP by the time it lands. If you can endure the riskyness, use Pious Light, but at around 30-40% instead. If you find this is too draining, try Supernal Light but at a higher %. Light will be your main patch heal, and you must keep the Elixir on you at all times, refreshing your best when it is ticking at 0:00 preferably, to get your manas worth. As click heals, you have your epic 1.5, and in addition to help, buy some potions of either HoT type or Instant heal. The importance of click heals is to not use them consecutively in a short time frame, as this leaves more hits that require mana heals in specific moments, but to use them, in balance, in conjunction with spell recasts as that way you can chain spells (I quite like the use of elixir, then clicking a heal shortly after should I take a sizeable portion of damage.)

That's the heal part, which is one of the more crucial aspects, but what about pulling him, damageing him and safeguards in keeping yourself alive?

I prefer to pull him into the temple now at one of the corners before Statue room door, whilst he is facing the ice wall. You will want to first buff up with a Kilva Skin, Torment DS (should you obtain one in the future), Mage/Druid DS (Ragefire Arms, Chardok Ring, Lava Diamond), Divine Intervention, Vie and before you pull, Ward of Retribution. You will want to have him marked with Retribution and Blameless before he reaches you, so have both memmed to begin with. Pull him to your spot and heal away with your damage shields and ward doing most of the damage, its going to be a long fight. His attack has always been high, and he will spike. If your DI fires, try to refresh it as soon as possible, preferably when you still have an elixir on. Vie will fade from too much damage absorbed, but do not bother to refresh it- the mana used to chain refresh vs the heal mana used for the hits that do not get mitigated, is far greater over time, so it will really be a drain. Every so often, ward will fade. Again, refresh with preferably an elixir currently on you, this buff is key in helping you overcome Vindi's high regen, even though it will be one of the main spells to drain you over time. If mana is becomming tight, but you feel you are mitigating ok, remember DI when sucessful is an 8k patch heal, so feel free to use it and take advantage of that. Should you find his Dps to be overwhelming and DI is firing too frequently however, then do not feel ashamed to cast DA and mem gate, then gate when DA fades. This is not cowardice, but merely a smart move, showing you realise that you aren't quite ready for vindi yet.

I feel I've typed an essay but a few things I'd suggest-

Work on those defensives, avoidance will reduce the rate of hits (and ward can proc even on misses, it processes before an attack round connects), mitigation will reduce the ratio of strong hits vs weak hits, shifting more hits towards the minimum end of the hit range, and therefore making your healing life that bit easier.

With the introduction of GoM, heals have become easier soloing in general imo. Maximize GoM and you will see how it will proc on your lights, enabling you to either refresh an elixir or your ward at the cost of 1 mana. Also, if mana is becomming a problem later on in the fight, but you are getting closer and closer to beating him, purchase Greater Avatar 3 and Cele Renewal and Healing Boon at the max level- these 2 longer duration elixirs stack for 350+400 to up to 700+800 crit. Healing boon is a wonderful aa, as an elixir crit is mana saved.

DS to this encounter is key, without enough you simply will not have the DPS to combat his regen (~1200/tick, therefore a total of at least 200 dps to start killing properly). You currently have 4 worn ds, and this stat, should you wish to, can be raised by purchasing the DoN worn DS augs, of which there are good and evil versions of +4 ds, +5 ds. The current worn DS cap is 30, so try your best to increase this if you want the fight to be done quicker. I also saw that you did not have a Torment DS clicky, which can offer a significant boost. Judging by your gear, do you raid PoTime still? If so I recommend Saryrn's Girdle of Intense Durability, or if you raid Inktu`Ta sucessfully (I saw you recently beat Cynosure, so youre on your way to at least!) there is a mask called the Cerulean Painted Veil, which has a Frost Shield torment line clicky ds. Every single ds point whilst small on its own, adds up to result in a good amount of damage.

Looking at your profile, I see that your defensive mods of Avoidance, Shielding and Stun resist could do with a little boosting, which in time they will as you get better gear but currently I feel they are a little low- shielding will shave off alot of damage when above 20%, avoidance will help you avoid a greater %age of hits, helping heal mana, and stun resist will help you channel against those extremely annoying melee hits that often result in "You have been stunned!". AC wise, Im not sure just how well you will mitigate (and know if you need more ac to better try vindi), but to help you do this, try and get the Blessed Shard 30 AC aug from Yxtta Primals, and place it in the Type 8 slot of your shield- AC on Shields is extremely good, will be posting a thread on it soon just to show how good!

I'm not one who's gonna say, with your gear, you will not be able to do it, we all started out rather humbly and we progress at our own paces. He may be too much for you to begin with, giving my honest opinion, but if you work at it, and try to obtain gear which you feel will help you, soloing and on raids, you'll be noticing how gradually, vindi will start getting closer and closer to death. Persist, keep him as a goal, and some day, you will do it, just like I did

P.S. As for AoW, I don't think any of us will be ready for him for a long time, lol, he simply has so much hp for his dps that we would be hurt too fast and run oom. Plus he is never up to test /rude AB Farmers. I do wonder how well we could fair against Statue though, be interesting to try.


07-19-2006, 02:28 PM #80


solo kill

Hi there My name is Healuz from the vaz.. er maelin stypre server im a lvl 70 cleric in Fantasy Awakened. We are currently farming anguish and tacvi and up to ya'lir in don allong with shyra in dod.

I have been very impressed with your solo skillz LLuianae and have been doing a few myself, I killed the dragon guy in cobalt scar, Pratorian Myral (yea i got my DA hammer 2 days ago finally), later that day soloed greig, and a few other mobs i cant recall atm. I am right about 9500hp unbuffed atm. Greigs guards all at once were harder than he himself.

Well anyway i wanted to finally register and post since iv'e been trolling these boards for the last 5 or 6 months now (mabye less) Lots of good info here, like the DS potions with lava shield $$.

Thank you everyone for your posts here it has been good reading and good info almost all the time. Llu you are an inspiration to me ty



09-23-2006, 04:37 AM #88


I jus soloed Velktor the sorcerer, I prob coulda done it raid buffed before expansion but only tried it self buffed and got him to 13... was very easy now a days and I look foward to you Soloing more mobs Lu, show these so called solo class that Clerics >


10-10-2006, 08:23 PM #91


Just got done owning up Blackwing named in Direwind, Kenya the archer or something like that, didnt have log running so no prase (


12-17-2006, 01:53 PM #112


Finally realised my dream...

The Avatar of War, Slain at 6:48pm GMT. More info when im er, more calm


01-21-2007, 03:15 PM #123


Smile THO Down!

I was bored yesterday and still need an overhaste clicky, so i decided to pay my old buddy Thought Horror Overfiend a visit.

Pre-TSS, I duo'd THO with a mage and it was remarkably easy. Basically, we sent the mage pet in to tank and I timed the fizzlicious AE to get the odd nuke in, but spent most of the fight just healing the pet.

I figured that with VoV I had a pretty good shot to take THO down myself, so headed to the Deep to give it a try.


Things started out well when I fell off the invisible bridge across the chasm - fortunately, I bounced off a few walls on the way down and only took about 218 damage (I think the walls took about 2000 damage from my pointy dwarf helm, so I didn't feel that bad). Clearing to THO was easy, but as I got about halfway through clearing his room, he aggroed on me. He's rooted, so it wasn't a big deal, but it meant that I was already being mana drained (the big disadvantage of soloing is that you're the only target for the chain mana drain that he casts). After I cleared the guards I camped so I could power med to full. Mistake #1!

When I came back and was full mana I charged THO without rebuffing myself - mistake #2! I greatly underestimated how long the fight would take and my spell haste actually ran out during the battle, and VoV only had about 10 minutes left on it. Fortunately, all his guards repopped when he was at around 18%, and since I had been OOM for about 40 minutes by then there wasn't much I could do except pray for a ToTD proc (when you're fighting 8 chain summoning mobs, you can't even rely on VoV, since half the time you can't see your target). Sadly, no such luck, splat goes the dwarf.

So, I came back for a second try. This go I armed myself with a mod rod (I got one of each type, although I only ended up using the big one). I only had 1 charge left on my chardok ring (and was far too lazy to make a trip to chardok to recharge it), so I knew that would run out partway through the fight, but I was still confident that I would win this time around.

On the second go, I didn't bother medding after the guards. I just made sure I was fully rebuffed before clearing them (self buffs + BSG). When I charged THO I was already down to about 60 mana (with self buffs, I was losing about 140 mana/tick to the drain), so I wasn't going to be able to keep ward up for very long, but at least my spell haste/VoV weren't going to wear off. Charging right in also gave me more time to beat the guard repop, which was my biggest concern.

I also did my best to maximize dps this time around. I hit my AA hammer pet right at the start and used hammy a total of 3 times during the fight (the 3rd time was right near the end - fight duration was 47:50). I also used avatar right near the beginning and got in a 2nd avatar late in the fight. With a DS potion (skinspikes VI), my chardok ring, DS clicky from PoTime and double marks, I started with 172 DS. The chardok ring eventually faded, but I managed to keep everything else up by (1) using PoTime pants for the lower end Mark and (2) when MoM faded, curing myself of both dots (mana drain and fizzle), clicking the mod rod and quickly recasting MoM. Sadly, even the big mod rod doesn't give enough mana for a Ward recast, so once I was OOM there was no more wardy goodness. I even used my fabled journeyman's walking stick to keep tash on, so there was less chance that he'd resist MoM (or a VoV proc during the fight).

Sadly, no overhaste belt for me - loot was a monk/bl weapon and 2.. count them TWO... caster only clicky orbs (for a decent ft/rune buff that stacks with just about everything except BL buffs and other runes).

Few details: his dps is pretty pitiful. He casts a lot and, even though he hits pretty fast (and flurries), the most frequent hits were 199 and 205 (collectively those made up over 35% of his hits). VoV easily kept me healed for the entire fight. He did a total of just over 612k damage to me and I did just over 950k to him. Of my damage, VoV procs accounted for about 34% of the total. Good ol' Veker (spell-summoned hammer pet) did a total of 29k (he was active the whole fight - 10.29dps) and my AA hammer pet did a disappointing 17280 (over 3 casts - 99.31 dps). My personal dps for the fight was 316. My defensive stats were: Blocks 4.5% (max shield block AA), Dodges 7.23% (max skill, 8% dodge mod and ID3), misses 42.95%


01-22-2007, 01:48 AM #125


I did AOW cycle about 3 weeks back :P


04-12-2007, 02:09 PM #138

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After "retiring" in early 2005 after WoW etc killed my VT/PoP guild, I only played sparingly here and there up until about 4 months ago, so I'm just now gearing back up to the point to have some fun soloing bigger mobs again.

So far, the kill list consists of

Venril Sathir
Servitor of Luclin
The Va Dyn
Gryme the Crypt Guardian
Aramin the Spider Guardian

The fabled stuff has kind of put a hold on me trying much else for now as I'm certain I'm not ready for much in the way of PoP level stuff, although I'm considering running over to BoT and trying a tower right now.

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04-18-2007, 03:16 PM #140


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Vindi deaded!

Just soloed Vindi!

That was so much fun! Haha!

Thanks for posting info on how to get him single way back in the thread Llu. Big help!


Fight duration: 13 mins 44 seconds

Offensive Damage: 260254
Offensive DPS: 315.84

Defensive Damage: 383343
Defensive DPS: 422.75

Buffed HP: 12063 (used OoW summoned hammer for melee)
Buffed AC: 2421
Avoidance: 48
Shielding: 12%

I actually thought I'd blown this when it started. I killed the two guards together. Then while looking for a place to corner Vindi, I agro'd a temple guardian accidentally. The guardian ran at 20% of course, and while chasing him down to kill him, he agro'd Vindi as well. So now I'm chasing the guardian down to finish him off and Vindi is beating on my back. I only had one of my reverse DS's up to cast, and no DI. I was also at 80% mana at this point. So I meleed the guardian down while casting PR on myself along with VoV procs to keep Vindi from killing me while I finish the guardian. I couldn't get myself to a good corner and have him follow without summoning me again, so I gave up and just fought him there beside the bridge about halfway between the ice wall and the temple. Used my only memmed DA to mem Mark of the Righteous about halfway through because I felt my DPS wasn't going to be enough to kill him before I ran oom. I ended up with about 30% mana by the time it was all said and done. All in all, I am pretty stoked about pulling it off.

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04-18-2007, 05:25 PM #141


Solo'd X The Creater in ssra a few months back... THat was a fun fight. That stupid debuff he has reduces healing capacity to like 10% with vow on

But he died, and dropped trash! Took 35 minutes maybe, faster than my 4 man group with monk/shaman/pal/me @ level 70.


04-18-2007, 09:26 PM #142


Tanked Hanvar and Ture for my guild in anguish this evening.. It was intense..

I loved it.


06-03-2007, 10:56 AM #148


I killed Vindicator on Bristlebane yesterday, completely self buffed, max AA's (literally everything), 12.7k HP / 12k mana.

It was a little sketchy until his guards died, but after that, Vow of Valor rank 2 landed on him completely and more or less kept me alive. I did heal myself on and off whenever his damage was spiky. I was down to 10 percent health once when his guards were still alive, and I got off a lucky AHL.

If I was smart, I would have had DI up. Also, notice I had NO self DS on, which also would have helped, but I didn't even think of it at the time.

Here's a good screenshot in mid-proc (and he's almost dead)

The person I'm grouped with is a level 52 warrior who was killing stuff at the WL zoneline waiting to get the BP. I said in general I was gonna try to kill him, and he was the only one interested in coming for it.

After that, after hours of solo clearing, I got two other people and killed Tunare. That wasn't fun, and I'll never do it again, at least not without waaaay more DPS.


06-03-2007, 07:53 PM #149


Ptav M'Sha solo pic to come


11-10-2007, 03:02 PM #162


Red face Wheewwww..

I finally did it! Finally soloed Shadowhunter!!


12-06-2007, 07:29 PM #163


Shar Vinitras

My fight calculations and DPS numbers are a little off, but some raw info versus Shar Vinitras:

(took about two and a half hours)

total times missed: 1220 ( 1220 / 3871 , 31.5164 %)
times I dodged: 1134
Monster attacked 9714 times.
times monster missed: 4289
times monster dodged: 199
times monster riposted: 228
total melee damage: 169622 ( 3.750956 dps)
total nukes/procs: 3477
total damage from nukes/procs: 1721215 ( 38.06229 dps)

total overall damage (to kill): 2347499 ( 2347499 + 0 from pet)
average proc/nuke damage: 495.0287
average melee hit: 63.98416

damage shield hits: 4356
total damage shield injury: 456662 ( 10.09845 dps)
average damage shield hit: 104.8352

Breakdown: Melee 7.225647 -- Nuke/Proc 73.32122 -- DS 19.45313 ( 100 )

Pet -- Hits: 0 Total Damage: 0 Total misses: 0


01-25-2008, 10:26 AM #166


Finally killed Terris last week. Disturbingly easy at 80.

Wasn't that long a fight, only interesting parts are at 50 (mutli slot dispel) and on the way from 40ish to death (lots of gargoyle adds).

The gargs kept killing me when I tried her at level 75, at 80 they were much more manageable (even though I got unlucky with DA and got hit by the dispel at 50).


01-25-2008, 06:12 PM #167


Cleric > Giant Croc!



The only real difficulty of the fight was the fact that Tanti stuns very frequently, which led to a few moments in which I held my breath and hoped he didn't get a big round off before I could heal. Other than that, just a matter of having enough gear to survive long enough.


09-10-2008, 11:55 PM #179


Been looking for new things to solo for awhile now, did Sol Ro a couple weeks ago, he was quite easy.

Tonight I decided to give Hulcror a try, heard about Lluianae killing him (I think)

While she vastly outgears me, I still decided to give it a whirl.

So, went in, like a true soloer self buffed including potions and clickies, so I was at..

23713Hp (couldn't use divinity aura, gets nuked when his dot goes off)

I mostly used my DA hammer, and ward and let that work. But found it quite easy to keep myself up using just promised resto, using divine avatar and dpsing worked well, didn't get owned too bad during that.

Anyway. Didn't actually kill him, first attempt I got him to 63%, decided I could do better, went back, and managed 37%.

To do this I had to use a full mana potion.

Throughout the fight I took 1.97 million damage, and dealt out 723k Damage.

His most frequest hit on me was 728.

I plan on refining my plan a little and trying again.

Most pain in the ass part was the dot that nuked my hp to about 15-16k, need a better way to keep that cured than Pure Blood.

Sitting 650 all resists unbuffed, Plague of Hulcror apparently has a -400 disease check (laugh).

anyway, thats my best story as of late, hopefully i can seal the deal


09-18-2008, 01:58 AM #188


Hi all =)

Im pretty new to this forum and i must said that you guys and gals have some impressive solo kills..

So far i "only" manage to solo Colossus in arcstone, Velketorin, Fear trial in mpg and Grummus and Terris thule...

And i have solod some in sof, started to test some mobs in beza, and it was really fun and not to hard... And got like 15% aa xp on the white con mobs, and so mutch as 20% on a yellow con mob.


09-24-2008, 11:45 AM #194



In SoF, I was able to solo an ozie in mmm.
As in raid mobs, I done velk in wos, primals and Xounii Shifter in Yxtta when I was working on BIC, and Taskmaster Mirot event in Lesser Faydark and Shei Ventrias in akheva ruins is fun to solo with DT and having like 4 to 6 adds on you.


02-24-2009, 01:05 PM #196


All of PoFire killed- Minus Fennin Ro

Lookin to find some new stuff that'll add a challenge.. Thought about trying Emp Ssra next time I find him up. Not sure how that's gonna go though.

Soloed Fenin the other day. I had mage bot with me to speed up the clearing to him. Camped her out for the Fenin kill. Was much easier than expected really.

I was around 32KHP/4200 AC at the time. I also killed Lord Mith Marr, but duo with her as it was my first attempt at him. Going to try it solo next time, don't think I'll have a problem. Just take a lot longer


03-02-2009, 04:20 PM #200


Bristlebane deaders, lol.


04-14-2009, 11:54 PM #205



With the Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! raid going on, I decided to try out Quarm solo. I knew this would be my only chance at him until/if they put this raid back in again(I don't see us clearing up to him in normal Time). I loaded couple bots to get the instance and plowed my way through all the dragons up to him solo.

It took what seemed like eons to bring him down, but I succeeded none the less. I think his regen rather than total HP accounted for the rather long encounter. The 50% melee slow was a pain as well and I quit trying to remove it after about 10% of his hp. Used Tash proc but was still quite resistant to ward and VoV procs, most only landing for partial damage, but they at least landed.

Max hit was 3450. Avgerage Dps was ~619. He hit for 790 by far the most, coming in at well over 20% of the overall attempts(Including miss/block/dodge which =~45%).

I was of course level 85. Max shielding/avoidance @~4800 buffed AC + 42 hAGI and ~36K HP.

Edit: I didn't attempt Kess after as it was almost 4am by the time I was done. Hopefully I can get a shot at him as well before it's over.


05-10-2009, 01:13 PM #211


I'm also attempting Quarm during Dragons raid, it's a fun effort
I soloed all the way to quarm and had two hours left, wiped the first time as i put him in a stupid position so he and his adds pushed me around
second time i took an age to rebuff and wanted to make sure i had buff slots free for his AE's and it left me with about 40 minutes to attempt him, got him to 61% before the timer ran out, was a shame
my main issue is my lack of dps, dont own a tash stick and he just resisted everything i had, vow procced a lot but did partial damage at best

will keep plugging away though, im not quite as well equipped as stratnolan, only 4.2k ac, 35khps here


05-21-2009, 12:35 PM #212


I was able to solo Emperor Ssraeshza in Ssraeshza Temple, but it was longest fight I ever done with single mob, took like 6hours and 30mins to kill :/. What made it longer one of adds healed him for like 10% which made it a longer fight, but one thing I won't do that fight again even though I got Torque of the Wyrmlord(brells/hp clickie) out of him.


09-01-2009, 03:53 PM #243


I made an attempt to solo the epic 1.5 raid in Wakening Lands last night

The Dark Disciple was no match for my might cleric Hammer!
To bad I was no match for a Tree!

For the information junkies (like myself)

I was buffed up to about 20KHP/15K Mana and I am lvl 82 with 600+ AAs
Here is my magelo profile for the fight

Nothing in the raid summons so I was able to promised kite and let
my dmg shield do most the work. I could tank him for a bit and could
almost just VoW/Promised tank him. I do not have the 82 VoW and the 80? Promise
spell yet with those and maybe a few more AAs I could have just stayed tanking.

When Plavo Spawned I got him killed
When the Skeletons spawned I hit a tree and died.
But I was bound nearby. The Dark Disciple was still up but the skeles had despawned.
Which made me wonder if a gate might make them despawn?

I got back in the fight but at 20% left on the Dark Disciple
My Computer Crashed!!

I went and re-farmed the brains afterwards and may try again tonight.
This time I am turning all my spell particle effects off that was hurting
me a bit while I was trying to kite.



09-04-2009, 11:10 AM #244


Well my second attempt was a success!

at 30% 2 skeletons appeared which made me think i was lucky.
Got those killed then at 20% 2 more skeletons appeared which
makes me think the number of skeletons may be based on the number
of people on his hate list? 1 Person and only 2 spawn?

And as it turns out without any of his helpers I can solo tank him just
fine. So a SoD equiped cleric with their 83 VoW spell could probably
just sit there and tank the entire event. As for me when there were
adds I would tank for a little bit then Promise kite them about and repeat.


03-08-2010, 11:57 PM #245


So boring lately so i figured what the heck. Feb 28th, i solo'd Coirnav the Avatar of Water. i was in a rush and forgot to turn /log on so i didn't get a parse or a time, but it certainly was fun. not sure if i want to try xegony becuse of all the silencing mobs, or rathe, but quarm took too long during the dragons event, had to raid so i never got a full shot at him either. not sure what to work on next.


06-05-2011, 05:04 PM #247


Managed to solo Keldovan couple days ago. Took a little over an hour.

Could probably cut it down to 45 minutes if I went at it again.. Ah well.

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