Dontdie's Guide to 51-60 -- By Dontdie Notrezzinu

Look here for information on where to hunt in original EQ (or early TSS zones) which are level 1-50 and the 51-80 zones.
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Dontdie's Guide to 51-60 -- By Dontdie Notrezzinu

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 3:55 pm

Dontdie's Guide to 51-60

Shockingly, the EXP at velks is still/Will be good enough to carry you to 60. But if you find you're having problems here is a couple suggestions:

Planes. Head to the hub, Plane of Tranquility. From there, lend yourself out on LFG and /ooc, and you'll be sure to find a group somewhere. Plane of Justice is decent, as is nightmare with the right group.

As for those who're still in velks, velks can carry you to 60 <I ought to know, I'm 56 with 6 aa's, and I did 40-56 with all 6 aa's IN VELKS in less then 2 weeks playing time>

If you're still having trouble, post questions.

Dontdie Notrezzinu of the Seventh Hammer, Upholders of the Faith.

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