General EverQuest Knowledge

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General EverQuest Knowledge

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 6:47 pm

This thread is not fully cleric specific but may help to address certain things that you would be curious about.

Names and Titles
Surname - The surname command is /surname and then the name you wish to be called, in recent years this has been more relaxed from the olden times with the roleplaying filter. You MUST BE level 20 in order to use this command. You can play with the naming to get the exact one you want, however be warned that anything inappropriate can and will be deleted by GM's on their disgression. If you no longer wish to have a surname, type /surname and DO NOT type anything after that. You will then have a blank surname spot. You can change your surname once every 7 days.

Special note: As a practical joke if someone asks how to change their surname, you can tell them /surname remove. The unattentive victim will then enter the code and be known for the week's surname cycle as "Remove."

"Unique" Non-GM Event Surnames - Petition a GM for a surname change request for the specific symbol you want, however be warned it is up to the GM so don't expect a "!" symbol and so forth on every whim. The writer has only seen the omega symbol used with one player's multiple characters, so it is possible but makes no claims that your specific symbol will be granted all the time. However, the worst you can do is try for your heart's desire.

Game Master Titles The first truly unique titles in the game are known as GM titles that are bestowed upon players originally during GM events that take up your /surname slot. If you use the /surname command, it will wipe out this title. Typically a GM will ask you for the surname you wish to retain PLUS the title or just the title. If you want a GM title, the first are from GM events that are denoted through global emotes by Guides. Upon completion of the event, a single person will be granted a GM title that coincides with the event. These events can be PvP bouts, roleplaying, or various other event. You will not have an option to the sort of title you get, it is dependant soley on the event itself. Note, that GMs will no longer help you to change your GM title's with a surname. So for example if you wanted to be called Ownaged Keglover the Mighty and change your name to Ownaged Mcpwndjoo the Mighty will not be changed. The only way to change this is to /surname and you will lose your GM title. This policy may change from the writing of this wiki stub, so just "try" a few times for different GM's to change your surname with your title intact. When you petition give the wished surname with your title. However, as a player maintain low expectations for such a change.

Player Optional Game Master Titles - These are often only distributed by Zatozia (or other) Community Managers on the Everquest forums. These are from Board Challenges on the Everquest message boards. Prefix Titles These are titles that are togglable in game that appears prior to the character's "given" name. They can be acquired in multiple different ways regardless of level. Certain restrictions do apply for certain ones. Some are quested, some are gained through the alternative AA system, and some are limited to certain time frames to complete a quest or task and then no longer available.

Suffix Titles - Just like Prefix Titles, these too are available in a plethora of ways regardless of character level.

Listing of Game Titles for Clerics -
General Prefix Title:
  • Baron (Male)
    Baroness (Female)
    Master (Male)
    Mistress, (Female)
    Lord (Male)
    Lady (Female)
    Duke (Male)
    Duchess (Female)
Achievement: Purchasing 6 Alternative Advancedment (AA) abilities from the General Tab.

Archetype Prefix Title:
  • Diviner
Venerable Achievement: Purchasing 12 Alternative Advancedment (AA) abilities from the Archetype Tab.

Class Prefix Title:
  • Archon

Vicar Achievement: Purchasing 24 Alternative Advancedment (AA) abilities from the Class Tab.

Epic Prefix Title: Epic 1.0: Curate

Achievement: Acquiring the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh.
  • Epic 1.5: Priest (Male)
    Priestess (Female)
Achievement: Acquiring the Harmony of the Soul.
  • Epic 2.0: High Priest (Male)
    High Priestess (Female)

Achievement: Acquiring the Aegis of Superior Divinity

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Re: General EverQuest Knowledge

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 7:36 pm

Technical EverQuest Knowledge (that may be helpful for a Cleric to know)

In general, this is information copied from the EQLive forums this thread will have a number of posts which talk about various topics such as:

  • Shield Block
    Combat Agility
    Combat Stability
[Descriptions of How Abilities Work
  • Combat and "checks"
    Procs and how they work
    Spell damage
    Spec: Augs
    Type 3 augs
Shield Block - gives you a % chance to Block an attack with a shield. At max level (currently rank 6) fire rate is approximately 6%. This stacks with Dodge, Parry/Block, and Riposte.

Combat Agility - increases your Avoidance chance. Basically more ranks mean you get hit less.

Combat Stability - changes the softcap returns you receive from AC up to a certain point. These returns & cap are based on your class. Essentially gives you higher mitigation, or less chance to get hit max.

COMBAT AND "CHECKS" This is how combat works:

1. NPC swings at you
2. your toon's parry (or block, for monks) skill rolls to see if it fires. if does, stop. if it doesn't, go to 3
3. your toon's dodge skill rolls to see if it fires. if it does, stop. if it doesn't, go to 4
4. your toon's riposte skill rolls to see if it fires. if it does, stop. if it doesn't, go to 5
5. if you have the shield block AA, your toon's shield block skill rolls to see if it fires. if it does, stop. if it doesn't, go to 6
6. the NPC's accuracy (which is a combination of the 'accuracy' mod, preset mob values, the mob's level vs. your level) rolls against your 'avoidance' score (which is a combination of your level vs. the mob's level, your 'avoidance' mod2, and your CA levels). if the NPC loses, you see a 'miss' and stop. if the NPC wins go to 7
7. you are hit.

The damage values for a mob are DB+DI*(1-20), and your AC weights to modify the roll on the (1-20) part (that's all that AC does btw). firstly, at max, the fire rate for shield block is 6%... what that really means is that of the attacks that even get to the shield block check, 6% of the time it will fire - though that's actually a pretty fair bit. now, that is NOT a 6% reduction in DPS - it depends entirely on the dps output of the mob, and its strikethrough value, and its accuracy value. how much DPS shield block mitigates on any given mob is dependent entirely on the DPS of that mob. now, CA modifies your 'soandso swings at you but MISSES' chance, makes that happen more often. that's all it does ((several points per rank for AA's up through DoDH, 1% per rank for TSS+). CS modifies your AC softcap by X percent per rank (several points per rank for AA's up through DoDH, 1% per rank for TSS+). the easiest way to think of AC softcap is like this (note, these numbers are fake and hypothetical just to show how it works):
  • the damage variable is the (1-20) part of the NPC damage formula what the number ends up being is partly random, but is weighted by your level vs. the NPCs level, and your AC
  • for the purposes of this example let's pretend that for every 200 AC you have, you get chance to get -1 to the DI every time you're hit.
now, knights have a base softcap (at level 80, with max defense skill) of 610. after a full compliment of CS AAs that will be about 1120 or so if i recall right, give or take. now if you look at my magelo, the total of all my AC from gear is 3016. which means that i have 1120 AC that is getting the full (hypothetical) -1 DI per 200 (meaning i get -5 DI per hit), and then i have 1880 AC that is 'softcap' AC.

for knights, that's 45%, so it's around 850 AC. so grand total that's (for the sake of simplicity) about 2000 AC. so that's -10 to the DI roll (truncated to a minimum of 1) which reduces a large number of the hits i'll take to the minimum possible, and greatly reduce or remove entirely the high end of the DI rolls.

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