Desirable Cleric Clickies

Information about items and gear improvements as well as augments, emblems and other item related things.
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Desirable Cleric Clickies

Post by Crystilla » Mon May 15, 2017 7:31 pm

This information comes from the WIKI so is a little outdated (needs the last several expansions added to it).

But it should provide a basis for ideas of clickies clerics should look to see if they would benefit from. In addition, there is a much better source than this thread ( ) which is a website created for all classes and contains much greater information. That said, the information below for solo/group obtainable is assuming level 85 and semi recent group gear.


Healing Oriented
Breastplate of the Harmonious Soul (pious elixer clicky) -
Donal's Chestplate of Mourning (clicky complete heal-nostalgia only) -
Earring of the Elddar (circle of life 1 clicky, more valuable now that they removed the level cap effect) -
Radiant Totem of Ancient Krithgor (circle of healer clicky - level cap NOT removed) -

Melee (DPS or Mitigation/Avoidance) Oriented
Direwolf Totem of Spirit (dodge mod/familiar) -
Ancient Prismatic Mace (or another cleric usable one, avatar clicky) -
Vander's Bane (swarm pet weapon) - (During Fabled)
Darkened Flowing Black Silk Sash (overhaste) -
Ring of Dain Frostweaver IV (+10 DS clicky, slot 2) - (8th ring will give +8 DS and is cleric soloable now)

Utility Oriented
Shield of Striding (priest instant lev clicky shield, inventory usable) -
Pegasus Feather Cloak (lev cloak) -
Mask of Vanishing (invis mask) -
Wand of Imperceptibility (shrink wand) -
Shadowed Storm Sphere (clicky boon of recovery, stacks with other mana regen) -
Defender of the Ancestral Spirit (root clicky) -
Hoop of Emptiness (or another annul clicky) -
Journeyman's Walking Stick (tash stick) -
Sap Encrusted Branch (snare stick) -
Water Sprinkler of The Forgiven (atone clicky) -
Boots of Shadow Walking (shadowstep) -
Divine Hammer of Consternation (DA hammer) -
Greaves of Vengeful Fury (hammer pet clicky) -
Kiss of Erollisi Marr (+10k mana clicky, self only) from LoN -
Scale of Rodcet Nife (+5k heal clicky, self only) from LoN -

Anomalous Rock of Alteration (+15% spec: alteration augment) out of LDoN raid.
Girdle of Intense Durability (+15 DS clicky, slot 4) out of Plane of Time -
Stormeyed Band (+ 27 DS clicky, slot ) off Yar`Lir -
Blazing Vambraces (+9 DS clicky, slot ) off Cleric epic 1.0 Ragefire fight -
Symbol of the Planemasters (melee proc/stun) out of Plane of Time -
Weighted Hammer of Conviction (Supernal Remedy heal) out of Tacvi - (During Fabled)
Fabled Incarnadine Breastplate (invis clicky) -
Ultor's Greaves of the Righteous (mark of the righteous clicky) -
Braided Kirin Mane (Pious light heal clicky) -

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